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Where are Music Matters lessons held?

March 05, 2019


The School Locker front entrance for Music Matters

The School Locker front entrance for Music Matters.

Where do you teach drums, guitar and keyboard?

Music Matters lessons are held at The School Locker in the Home Maker Centre at 11/55 Maroochy Blvd. Maroochydore.

What is the newest music program at Music Matters?

Our newest music program, the Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands gets kids playing music together right away.

How does this work?

Good question. We are glad you asked.

Briefly, Music Matters presents a simple method of learning and understanding the basic information you need about the songs you love to play and listen to.

Tim shares Blues Progressions with Daniel and Lucas at Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands lesson

Tim shares Blues Progressions with Daniel and Lucas at Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands lesson

We take you through a systematic, carefully planned lesson.

This involves learning rhythm, learning to read band music using modern methods and learning to play in a group.
Each area of teaching is separated out so that there is no confusion, no rush, no stress and definitely no failure.
Everyone of any age who learns to play in a band will be using the same methods, but tailored to their age and ability.
We take the music you choose and love to hear and break it down in to manageable sections.
You get to really understand the way modern songs are put together.

You get to appreciate how famous bands create the sound they achieve.

Part of the process is writing songs yourself. This is called composing!

Please do call Heather right now if you would like to know more about the new methods we use in teaching band.



0418 563 226

What instruments are in the Bands?

Ed takes guitar lessons at Music Matters

Ed takes guitar lessons at Music Matters

Band members learn keyboard, drums, guitar and vocals.

Music Matters’ teachers are music fanatics. Ed Bettega takes beginner, intermediate and advanced guitar lessons.

We all live and breath music.

We love to share our passion and get a real kick out of constantly researching new ways to make music easy and accessible to families like yours.

With over decades of combined teaching experience in a variety of instruments, Music Matters’ dedicated staff are fully focused on family and bringing families together through music.

Music Matters

Music Matters with Annette and Heather


This is me, Heather in the red top, enjoying a laugh with Annette. I teach mostly piano and keyboard, but other instruments as well.

We think joining a band is a cool thing to do.

If you agree, please call Heather right now to enroll in the SCKGB…that stands for Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands.



Don’t forget, you don’t have to be a real kid to join, just a kid at heart with a love for good quality music and a burning desire to make your lifelong dream come true. Adults are welcomed at Band lessons.

If you are a parent or carer, a Grandad or Grandma calling on behalf of a school aged student you are most welcome.
The SCGKB is geared for all ages. Even 5 year old’s can join one of the bands because the way we teach means that your child, grandchild or other relative or friend doesn’t need to know anything at all about music to make music, no matter what their age.

Music Matters with Macaiah

Music Matters with Macaiah.

This is all about play music first, read music later, just like in real life.

The Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands are one hour classes in small groups held weekly over the school term at The School Locker store in Maroochydore.

Cost is $40 per student.

Oh, did I mention that band classes also include all you need to know about setting up and managing a stage for performance, music IT , midi connectivity, amps, mics and a whole lot more!

Call Heather today to learn more or to enrol.

0418 563 226

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