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“What did you do on the weekend?”

August 08, 2019
Heather and Heidi at Noosa electric bikes July 2019

Heather Nel and Heidi Wright at Noosa with electric bikes July 2019

Every Monday its catch up time at Music Matters.

Eva askes me “What did you do on the weekend?”

“I had a very exciting weekend, thanks Eva.

My daughter, Heidi Wright and her family were visiting from Adelaide to enjoy the sunny Sunshine Coast.



It is very cold in Adelaide at the moment, and her husband, James, and two children were thrilled to able to do stand up paddle boarding at Noosa….in the middle of winter!

George thinks he can get me...HAHA

George thinks he can get me…HAHA

James and my husband, Charles, hired a pair of electric bikes and disappeared for an hour.

On their return they said, “That was fantastic! Why don’t you two go for a ride?”

So we did! I love bike riding because when I went to school I rode my bike for 5 miles every day.”

After that we went down to the Noosa foreshore and I ran as fast as I could away from my Grandson, George, aged 5. He thought he could get me with his water pistol…well he did!!”

Now its your turn…what did you do on the weekend?

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