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Want To Build Your Young Child’s Confidence?

August 09, 2018


Music Matters Heather and Eva at the keyboard

Music Matters Heather and Eva at the keyboard

The Music for Little Mozart piano program is written especially for ages 4 to 7. The music, CD backing tracks, Theory and Lesson Books are geared to make learning a success. The little songs are appealing and short. Each song has a musical meaning and introduces basic but important features even grown up musicians need to know.

Over time children build self-esteem with every encouraging word, look and body language from those around them. Connecting socially and having a healthy self-image is an on-going, life time activity, and thankfully, it can start at an early age. I believe that even babies learn to feel good about them selves…why else would they give us that beautiful, melt-your-heart smile at only a few weeks of age?

Helping children succeed at risk-taking, creativity and communication is the work of family, friends, tutors including school teachers and extra-curricular coaches. Every opportunity taken to support, and promote children’s attempts at having a go boosts their self confidence. Why not give your child the best start in confidence building? Call me today for your first free music lesson. 0418 563 226


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