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Teach Baby Music: can new born George really hear well enough to learn?

March 19, 2018

Good Morning! My name is George. What a lovely day! I just arrived yesterday and I am already wide awake and ready for action. Yes, I know I can’t see you very clearly, but don’t worry…in a few short weeks I’ll be able to recognise all the wonderful faces in my new life.

Baby George one day old Early Learning Music eBook

Baby George one day old: Early Learning Music

I can already hear fairly well. I just love it when you come up close to me and hum and sing so gently. It makes me feel comfortable, safe and warm. Please keep singing and chatting to me even if you think I can’t understand you. Your familiar voice helps me to understand my world.

Your teaching me to listen is exactly what I need in these early days to get my brain engaged and stimulated in a gentle way. Please keep teaching me all of the things I need to know to grow big and strong. I am listening…I really am.

In time I will answer you and your loving attention will not be wasted, I promise you.

Well, I’m a bit tired after all that thinking and its time for me to have another nap, but I’ll see you soon…zzzz

George sleeping day one Early Learning Music

George sleeping day one Early Learning Music

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