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Music Matters new Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands: what’s it all about?

February 26, 2019




Acoustic Drums at Music Matters

Acoustic Drums at Music Matters

Kids have fun learning Drums, Guitar, Keyboard and Vocals in a Gig Band.

Kids Gig Bands classes are held after school at The School Locker store in Maroochydore with qualified teachers.

Keeping a steady beat is crucial to all music lessons.

We believe that learning how to keep a steady beat is a basic necessity in music lessons. For decades Music Matters instrumental lessons have often included learning the basics of playing the drums.

The Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands has naturally emerged out of seeing the fun kids get of using the drum kit in individual instrumental lessons. Often kids music lesson schedules over lap. This is the perfect time to get everyone together, including parents, to play in a “band style”. We use five minutes from each lesson to give all the kids and parents 10 minutes of combined music playing using drums and their own instrument to play together.

Whether kids learn individually piano, guitar, flute, sax or clarinet with Music Matters they can all get to play the drums, if they choose to do so.

Why not let everyone enjoy the social fun while learning to play an instrument?  Creating the Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands is the perfect opportunity to invite the whole family to share the fun. Call me, Heather right now to learn more about this amazing new approach to music lessons. 0418 563 226

Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands creates an effective, natural approach to teaching rhythm.

Are you taking piano, guitar or singing lessons? Maybe you are taking lessons in woodwind or strings. No matter what instrument you are playing at school you can supplement your music lessons by joining the Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands.

It is much more fun to use a drum kit to keep a steady beat instead of counting out aloud endlessly while trying to play complex notation and fingering at the same time. Actually it is almost impossible for beginner and intermediate level students to always play the right note with the right fingering at the right time. Something has to give. Usually it is the timing that suffers.

Our solution is to take notation, fingering and timing and teach them as separate subjects.

This way students are free to concentrate on each of these important musical concepts. When they are ready they layer the notation over the timing with the correct fingering, whether playing sax, guitar, piano or any other instrument.

The new Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands gives kids a great opportunity to learn not only guitar, keyboard, or vocals but also the drums. This is the perfect way to supplement private lessons in other instruments/vocals because rhythm is taught separately at each lesson. Music Matters welcomes other instruments such as woodwind, strings etc. in to our Kids Gig Bands.

Marching Band in UCLA Music Matters

Marching Band in UCLA Music Matters

What is so special about learning drums on a drum kit?

Before the modern drum kit was developed there were many drummers playing different drums in a band.

Some people played the snare drums.

A variety of big bass drums and other percussion instruments including various cymbals were played at the same time.

In todays modern band one person has to do the work of 4 – 5 people!

Not only is this hard work, it is also extremely challenging for the brain. Maybe that’s what makes it so much fun!


Getting and Keeping in time with Music Matters

Three piece drum kit Music Matters

Three piece drum kit Music Matters

Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands focusses on getting all kids playing IN TIME.

Rhythm is taught as a basic subject at the start of each lesson. Each member of the band gets to play the drum kit….not just the drummer.

We believe that playing in time is paramount to keeping any instrumentalist, vocalist or band sounding professional.

Body percussion includes making a drum kit on your body.

We are convinced that playing in time supports all music lessons. Showing kids how to play their rhythms on their bodies takes advantage of muscle memory, which we all use without thinking about it.

This activity takes the theory of rhythm and places it very firmly in the body and brain, making it easier to reproduce the rhythms on to an instrument.

Using Muscle Memory when learning drums

Muscle memory plays a huge part in our everyday lives. Repetitive actions are easier to achieve simply because they are done daily. Do you still have to think when cleaning your teeth, when riding a bike or when completing hundreds of other activates which once took a lot of concentration?

Muscle memory can and is developed in everything we do on a repetitive basis. .

You might like to read Adam Ramsey’s insightful article on using muscle memory for drumming

When kids learn to master body percussion, using the body as a drum kit it is much easier to transfer the required actions on to the actual drum kit. A bonus is that kids can practise drumming anywhere they take their body…!

MusicMatters Michael plays guitar

Music Matters Michael plays guitar

Drummers learn other instruments as well

At Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands Michael’s primary instrument is guitar.

Michael is also learning the drums so he can support his brothers Daniel and Lucas on keyboard.

Michael benefits in two ways.  He gets to learn another instrument and he learns to play with a steady beat in a  fun way all at once!

Likewise, drummers learn how to play basics on keyboard and guitar as well. This gives them a feel for what the other band members are going through while at the same time expanding their music skills.

Sometimes its just a little bit harder to play guitar than drums! The drummer starts to realise how important it is for them to keep a steady beat when someone else gets on the drums and they play keyboard.

Putting it all together: Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands

Music Matters Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands class

Music Matters Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands class with Tim and Lucas

The Sunshine Coasts Kids Gig Bands gives every music student an opportunity to start their music career with a bang…literally!

The Gig Bands enable beginner students to play music they love to hear right away. The music chosen for learning rhythm, riffs and chord progressions is upbeat, interesting, inspiring and meaningful to the younger generation.

Music Matters uses backing tracks at lesson which gives a professional touch to band members efforts.


Call me, Heather now for more information or to enrol in a Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Band today.

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