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Marching wakes up each side of the brain

July 14, 2016
Early Learning Music marching

March your toddler around the house for brain power.

The Grand Old Duke of York marched his men up the hill and down again because he knew it was GOOD for them.

Your toddler learning to march swings his arms up high. His little knees are lifted higher than in walking. Purposefully creating extravagant movements takes more brain power than “ordinary” movements like walking. It is this concentrating on lifting the arms and knees to create a marching movement that stimulates developing brains.

Sing The Grand Old Duke of York as you march your toddler around the kitchen, around the lounge, around the garden and around the playground. In fact any time and any place is a great time to practice marching. Here are the words.

If you need the tune you can find one of the many versions here. I like this one as it is very simple and shows the marching action. Have lots of fun with this and let me know how you go.

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