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Kids Will Practise for Band Performances!

June 18, 2019

Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands (SCKGB)

A new band for kids of all ages…that actually motivates them to practise!

Learn music by playing in a band. No experience needed. Just enrol by phone and then start!

SCKGB Music Matters Band

SCKGB Music Matters Band

Have you always wanted to play in a band but thought you were not good enough, or too old, or too young?

Its not too late to join a band. Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands are for all ages, big kids, little kids and kids in between.

I love chatting about music and I’m busting to tell you all about our new music venture for the Sunshine Coast.

Call me, Heather Nel, right now to find out how our new music program can get you and your family learning music through playing in a band.          0418 563 226.

Music Matters Mitchell gains confidence performing in public…and loves it!

What if there was a music program that invited you to start playing in a band straight away instead of having to do years of private lesson to reach “band status”?

What if that program was family-centred, and inclusive?

What if, no matter what your age, you could play in a band and learn music at the same time?

Through successfully delivering music lessons in a variety of instruments over three decades I have helped hundreds of families come to grips with the issues surrounding music practise at home.

No matter how much parents plead, coerce, bribe, blame, get annoyed, frustrated or angry it doesn’t change a basic truth about music practise. It is essentially a lonely activity…and most kids don’t like being alone for too long.

Kids for generations all over the world resist music practise. I would to, if I had to “go away and practise.” Kids love company and they love having fun when learning music..

That’s why I have created a program to change the mindset of modern kids and their parents toward music practise.

Learning music on piano, guitar and drums is often seen as a solo event.

Kids who learn violin, cello and other stringed instruments as well as woodwind students may have to practise on their own at home but at least they get to PLAY IN A BAND at school. Furthermore, what does that band do? It performs!

Tim shares Blues Progressions with Daniel and Lucas at Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands lesson

Tim shares Blues Progressions with Daniel and Lucas at Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands lesson


Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands teachers are passionate.

We love sharing music with students.

A lot of our time is spent in private lessons one to one, but we really enjoy teaching band.

In band class kids have other children  to chat to, bounce off, have fun with, learn with, play with and perform with. This makes learning music engaging and exciting.

This is one major key, excuse the pun, to successfully get  kids engaged in music practise at home.

They know they are accountable to others when they come to lesson week by week.




Sessions are $40 per student booked for a school term. Oh, did I mention that band classes also include all you need to know about setting up and managing a stage for performance, music IT , midi connectivity, amps, mics and a whole lot more!

Call me, Heather Nel, now to find out how the Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands can get you started with music. No obligation. I love to chat about music, especially with people like you who are keen to learn.

Don’t waste another minute fighting over music practise at home.

Your kids will have to practise when they join a Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Band!
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