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Kids still need Music Lessons

June 05, 2020

Kids Need Music Lessons Now More Than Ever


Dylan plays at the Musical Celebration Music Matters

Dylan plays at the Musical Celebration Music Matters

Don’t let anything take away our kid’s music!

The devastating effects of the COVID-19 crisis have reached into every corner of the globe.

It seems no-one is unaffected. Loss of freedom, loss of jobs and loss of financial security. Let’s not add to that “loss of kids music lessons”.

The loss of daily life as we know it and the relentless loss of life itself is taking its toll worldwide. Keeping kids in music lessons gives them a sense of routine and normal life.

How are people coping? Where do you go and what do you?  What can you say in times of turmoil to make things better? There are many unanswered questions but we do know that:




Music Matters Online Music Lessons Feature Image

Music Matters Online Music Lessons Feature Image

The current, temporary global health and financial crisis is just that: a temporary crisis.

Crises come and go, but our children’s peak time for learning music will never return.

Children only get one chance to learn as a child.



Our children don’t have to suffer loss of educational opportunities if there are people willing and able to help them through this tough time. The COVID crisis won’t last forever, but our children may never return to music lessons if we pull them out now.

May I urge all parents:

Reach out today. We can help your child begin or continue with lessons. Music Matters has lesson options for families affected by temporary financial pressures. Call me, Heather today to start or re-start lessons. 0418 563 226

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