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What are the Healing benefits of Drumming?

Early Learning Music Class with George

Before he can even walk George discovers the mallet and drums at Early Learning Music Class

Universally drumming is accepted as a remedial or healing art and is often used in therapy sessions. Children with behavioural issues benefit from the inner calm and release drumming creates. Whatever your child’s learning mode…listening, looking, feeling…drumming meets their needs. It elevates the mood, decrease anxiety and stress, puts a smile on students’ faces thereby benefiting general health.

Students who are known to have ADHD and those who tend towards behavioural issues quickly respond in a positive manner during drum lessons.  Our piano, guitar and woodwind students also learn rhythm techniques on the drums. The first thing I notice when they play any drum or percussion instrument is the big smile on their face quickly followed general relaxation.

Music Matters offers creative drum lessons including reading and writing drum notation from the age of 4.

Early Learning Music classes are based on drumming and rhythm from birth to age 4.

Other Benefits of Drumming

Early Learning Music

Early Learning Music

Social, educational, physical, personal and group development. Self-awareness, listening skills, hand-eye and all body coordination. Patience, repetition, focussing, relaxation, channel for strong feelings and impulses. Physiologically calming affect, increasing self esteem, building valuable skills for processing and communication information. Containing or channelling intense emotions and impulses.

Choosing a Drum Kit or other percussion: see below.

How is music like life?

Life and music are mostly group activities. 

Learning music in pairs at Music Matters makes sense and has many benefits:

  • Creates enjoyment and satisfaction which enhances motivation for practice.
  • Turns weekly lessons into a performance leading to a sense of achievement.
  • Enhances aural awareness by listening to each other.
  • Increases variety at lesson which helps maintain interest.
  • Increases personal and social development and cooperation.
  • Creates opportunities to give mutual encouragement and appreciate the efforts of peers.


Rhythm is taught independently at each lesson

“The right note at the right time with the right quality” is the key to  playing music successfully. Playing at “the right time” means to keep the beat and fit the rhythm into the beat at the same time.

At Music Matters, students learn how to keep a regular beat by using percussion and drumming techniques at each lesson. Even woodwind, guitar and piano students use drumming techniques in class to learn about rhythm.

Besides being a very enjoyable and therapeutic thing to do it is much easier to learn to keep time with a set of drum sticks than a handful of ivories or while you are blowing on a flute or clarinet.

Early Learning Music and Music Matters students are encouraged to build on their natural rhythmic abilities. Keeping a steady beat and being able to follow a rhythm are two different concepts, both of which need training over time to fully develop. When beat and rhythm techniques are taught separately, learning to play any instrument is more enjoyable.

Children benefit from parent/carer involvement.

My belief as a parent and as a teacher is that children love having their parents/carers involved in their music lessons.

Enrolment is super easy: just call me today on 0418 563 226 or email musicmatter@nullyahoo.com and will send you an enrolment form by email.

I would love to see you at Early Learning Music classes or Music Matters lessons at any time.


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