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Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear

Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear Music Matters
Skill: Piano - ages 4 to 7

From the very first lesson in the Lesson Book Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear keep your child engaged with their story of high sounds and low sounds. Mozart Mouse likes to play on the high sounding end of the piano, understandably, because he is a mouse with a high squeaky voice. Beethoven Bear prefers the low sounding end because he has a deep, gruff voice. Your child will enjoy becoming part of the musical story as the two soft toys explain how music works. Some of the concepts of opposites learnt in music are: high/low, fast/slow, up/down, left/right, loud/soft, increasing in speed/decreasing in speed, increasing in volume/decreasing in volume. Mozart and Beethoven assist students in a broad understanding of their world.