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Four reasons that music counts

July 22, 2016
Count to four with Music Matters

Count in with Music Matters

Can you count to four? Can you keep a steady beat or do you feel you have “no musical bone in your body?”

Music really counts…here’s why.

  1. Counting is a basic life skill that everyone needs. Your child of any age benefits from counting practice. In music we often count evenly to four.
  2. The simple act of counting aloud to four focusses and clears the mind for action. Try it now. Why does it work? More than likely you took a breath before counting and another one after wards. This is a basic form of  meditation and relaxation. Counting breaths, counting sheep…all very relaxing and a healthy distraction from the intensity of life.
  3. The regular rhythm of music speaks to a child’s heart. It is calming. The definition of calming is “a situation of complete peace and quiet, with no, trouble or anxiety…what a gift to give our children or to ourselves.
  4. Hearing melodies in music takes our minds to another place. Creativity is stimulated. Counting aloud while learning a melody on an instrument involves concentration and relaxation at the same time. What an amazing duo of intellect, co-ordination and satisfaction is created. No wonder learning music is GOOD for us!

Have some fun with your toddler/pre-schooler today practicing how to count aloud to four. Use apples, oranges, fingers or toys. Not only is counting objects fun, it builds pre-music skills and stimulates creativity within free play. Extend the activity to the outdoors to count trees, birds, waves on the ocean, or cars. Let me know how you go.

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