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Choosing an instrument


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Your child may have been given a guitar for a Christmas or birthday present. This will probably be quite suitable to learn on. However if you are able to choose an instrument for your own child, consider his or her size and age.

A student acoustic guitar is a great choice for young beginners. This nylon stringed guitar is gentle on little fingers and comes in various sizes.  No amplifier is required. The acoustic guitars are easy for young children to carry. Choose a soft guitar case to protect a smaller guitar and a hard case for more expensive guitars. Hard cases are quite heavy, but do afford maximum protection.

The normal sized electric guitar may be too heavy or the neck too long for a very young child to handle without compromising their seating position and posture, leading to sore neck and back muscles. The thin steel strings may cut into the soft fingers. A mini electric guitar could be considered for children under 9 years of age, although these also have thin, steel strings. Electric guitars need an amplifier.

Riley walks the Bass

Riley walks the Bass

The Electric Bass, such as Riley plays, has only 4 strings and also comes in mini and normal size. You may need a pick (plectrum) and a sturdy music stand for use at home. Your child can be fitted for a perfect size guitar by professional staff The School Locker.

The guide below should help you purchase the correct fit:

Guitar Type Ages 4-6 Ages 6-9 Ages 9-12 Ages 12 – Adult
Acoustic 30″ 34″ 3/4 size 36″ Student Size 40″ Concert
Classical 34″ 3/4 size 36″ Student Size 41 Dreadnought
Mini Electric Yes
Mini Bass Yes
Full Size Electric Yes Yes
Short Scale Bass Yes Full Scale Bass


Ukulele for Music Matters

Ukulele for Music Matters

Playing the ukulele is fun. It is the perfect instrument for little fingers, but can also be played by people of all ages. There are a lot of cheap brands on the market but it is well worth spending a little more to buy a quality instrument. The sound will be fuller and rounder so that when you are singing along you will be better supported by the rich tone.

When playing ukulele there are hundreds of songs you can sing when you only know just a few chords. Ukes are easily transportable, but a carry case is a must to protect the delicate woodwork.

Lesson Structure

All guitar lessons include rhythm taught separately on percussion or drums.

Children who have been through the Early Learning Music program will easily transition to guitar or ukulele.

Lessons include playing along with various CD tracks, playing duets, playing along with percussion and also singing where appropriate.

A range of method books are used at Music Matters including Hal Leonard, Alfred and the Progressive Series. Students are also welcome to bring their own books to lesson. Theory lessons are an integral part of guitar tuition.