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Adult Piano Lessons

Music Matters The teacher gets to play a lovely duet with Adrienne what a privilege

Relaxed, fun lessons: Heather and Adrienne

I specialise in adult piano lessons

Your first lesson is always FREE.

We give relaxed, easy going, mindful lessons with no pressure to perform.

Only pay for the lessons you attend.

I have taught piano to all ages for many decades, but particularly enjoy teaching adults.

Congratulations! You have decided to follow your dream of playing the piano.

Imagine being able to play your favourite songs whenever you want to. 

If you have bought a piano or electronic keyboard, now it is time to get the best value out of your important investment. If you need help deciding which piano is the best one for you give me a call…I may be able to help.

Music Matters lessons are packed with benefits: our easy-going, fun filled approach to learning means you relax and learn faster. Research shows that students learn faster and engage better in a relaxed learning environment. 

“Teachers can do much to create a temporary state of Relaxed Alertness by helping students experience a momentary sense of success, but ultimately, we are after something more. The ultimate goal must be to help students be in a state of Relaxed Alertness as a way of life.”  https://tomprof.stanford.edu/posting/1508

I believe that each piano lesson is as important as the end goal of learning to play.

Annette and Heather share a laugh at music lesson with Music Matters

Annette and Heather share a laugh at music lesson.

The 30 or 60 minutes you spend each week in lesson time is beneficial to your well being and self confidence.

You will always receive support that inspires confidence and encourages you to develop your skill at your own pace.

My priority is to meet you at your ability level and to make you feel good about each and every small achievement along the way. You will have self assurance and a belief in your ability to succeed.

As a result you will feel uplifted and happy at Music Matters’ piano lessons. This is my guarantee to you.

All Lessons are given at Music Matters Home Studio Hampstead Gardens SA 5086