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Activities for Kids

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20 ingenious ways to keep your kids entertained all day long. Awesome! Can’t wait to check that one out…in a minute. After kindly reading my very important educational blog ::)) below about musical activities to keep kids happy during the holidays grab a cuppa and...

A quick, easy music practise trick! and a bonus video!

Music Matters You get to join in the Giant Cup Tapping Circle
Looking to motivate some music practise at home today?   Why not use the simplest method of all? Kids like to jam, right? What better way to get them pumping out their songs than to give them a full backing track?               Here’s...

Benefits of Performing at Music Matters Musical Celebrations

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We all have fun at our Music Matters Musical Celebrations but above all each student has the opportunity to perform in public on their own, many for the very first time. This experience build self confidence. It supports students by encouraging them to reach out and try things...

Prepare for the November 15th Musical Celebration: 3 Easy Quick Tips for performance preparation.

Music Matters Musical Celebration November 15th 4pm
Its never too late to prepare for a performance. Your child may have put off practising until now…I know I did as a child. There’s nothing like the last minute jitters to get you going! At last you intend to iron out those long standing mistakes that have been...

Prepare your Pre-schooler for Music Lessons: 4 Easy Games to Use

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How exciting! Your child is starting school in the New Year. You have chosen to enrol your child in after school private piano lessons with Music Matters  in Term 1, 2019. Congratulations on a making great choice for an extra-curricular activity which will support your...

Music Concerts: Awesome or fearsome?

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What is your take on music concerts? Do you relish the chance to get up in front of people and play or do you shiver at the thought of all those eyes staring at you just waiting for you to make a mistake? Playing at a music concert can be a very rewarding experience. It can also...

A Parents Guide to Beating the Practise Blues: Free eBook download

  Download “A Parent’s guide to Beating the Practise Blues” and share easy practise ideas with your kids today. Don’t miss an opportunity to support your child’s musical journey. You are paying good money for instruments, for lessons and for...

Choosing Between After School Activities: Focusing on the Long Term Benefits

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“Simon has not practised music this week because we have been too busy. He has swimming lessons on Mondays at 4.00pm, dance on Wednesdays at 3.30pm and Gym on Fridays at 5.00pm. He is very tired by the end of the week.”   If this sounds familiar, you are not...

Guitar or Uklulele? Which one should I choose for my young child?

Music Matters Coloured Ukuleles
  Is it better for my child to learn to play the ukulele first and then move on to the guitar when he is older and bigger? It is a very good question. Thanks for asking. As it happens the ukulele is a complete instrument in its own right. It has its own unique set of 4...

7 Benefits of learning music as a child: in brief

Music Matters June 2017
  1. The development of language. Music is one of the few activities that involves using the whole brain. Music plays a very important part in learning both our native language, as well as additional ones. Science has shown that learning music requires the same parts of the...