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Musical Craft

3 Creative Ideas That Work for Long-Distance Grandparents

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3 Creative Ideas that work for long-distance grandparents Stay in the minds and hearts of your grandies with these fun, easy and educational activities is easy. Have you seen your grandchild recently? Congratulations to all grandparents who have been able to keep regular in...

Basic Hand Puppets Help Kids Learn Music

Kids love puppets. Puppets talk, walk, dance, sing, do the jig and whisper in your ear. All pre-instrumental activities begin with learning which hand is right and which hand is left. We may presume all children know this by the age of 5 but many struggle with the concept well in...

Origami Spring Butterflies for your Preschooler

Music Matters Butterfly for Feature photo blog
What do Butterflies, Spring and Origami have in common? Together they make a delightful Musical Craft activity for your child.     Why not find some pretty square paper and celebrate the beginning of Spring with your active preschooler? Print out this origami butterfly...

Winter Words for Warming Your Young Willing Thinkers

Winter comes to Early Learning Music class
Pre-schoolers love playing with letters. Take advantage of their curiosity and make a unique learning game that you can play over and over in the cold winter months. Search for the word “COLD” in clip art and print out a copy that is not copy protected or make your...

Puppet greetings

Music Matters 2 Happy Face Puppets on sticks - CROPPED for feature image
Growing up with puppets is fun, fun, fun. Puppets know how to say hi and goodbye. In fact puppets have perfect communication manners all the time! Have you ever wondered how children know what to say? When my grandson, aged 4, eye-balled his new Kindy teacher and said,...

Origami skills aid in music practise

Early Learning Music students enjoy a pretty paper folding experience. But what does origami have to do with music lessons? Patiently waiting to follow specific instructions, our 3-4 year olds are using both sides of the brain as their little hands work out which fingers to use...

What can little Ducks do?

Early Learning Music
Clever Little Duck is learning to use his voice, his wings and his feet. Copy Little Duck (right click: save as) to a publisher or word program. You can stretch Little Duck to what ever shape and size you wish. This is handy when you want to have Five Little Ducks and a Mother...

Ribbon Ankle Bells at Christmas

Early Learning Music
Nothing spells Christmas like BELLS. This 10 minute activity is fun to do together at home. The orange ribbon bells above show the ribbon simply threaded through the back of each bell. Use whatever size bells you wish and as many as you like. Tie the bells around your children’s...

Jelly Fish memory and movement activity for pre-schoolers

Early Learning Music
The Jelly Fish poem: Wriggling the paper plate Jelly Fish in each hand in turns, and saying the Jelly Fish poem encourages your child to use memory and movement skills at the same time. This type of activity builds strong basic skills necessary for many daily activities such as...