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Learning Tips and Benefits

Activities for Kids

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20 ingenious ways to keep your kids entertained all day long. Awesome! Can’t wait to check that one out…in a minute. After kindly reading my very important educational blog ::)) below about musical activities to keep kids happy during the holidays grab a cuppa and...

Piano Man anyone? Choose the Best Piano Teacher for Your Adult Lessons

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Piano Man: a good beginning for your first adult piano lesson. I love meeting people who enjoy playing the piano whether they are children or adults. There’s just something about hearing yourself create lovely sounds that leaves you with a good feeling. Want to play...

Benefits of Performing at Music Matters Musical Celebrations

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We all have fun at our Music Matters Musical Celebrations but above all each student has the opportunity to perform in public on their own, many for the very first time. This experience build self confidence. It supports students by encouraging them to reach out and try things...

Prepare for the November 15th Musical Celebration: 3 Easy Quick Tips for performance preparation.

Music Matters Musical Celebration November 15th 4pm
Its never too late to prepare for a performance. Your child may have put off practising until now…I know I did as a child. There’s nothing like the last minute jitters to get you going! At last you intend to iron out those long standing mistakes that have been...

Outstanding Value in Music Lessons: 5 reasons why the Music for Little Mozart piano program delivers much more than basic music skills.

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  Just what is it that Heston is smiling about? He has just finished playing a song from the Music for Little Mozarts Lesson Book Level 2 to an audience of over 30 people. Could it be that he is proud of the success he is experiencing with piano playing? Could it be the...

Music Concerts: Awesome or fearsome?

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What is your take on music concerts? Do you relish the chance to get up in front of people and play or do you shiver at the thought of all those eyes staring at you just waiting for you to make a mistake? Playing at a music concert can be a very rewarding experience. It can also...

Use Backing Tracks to Fast Forward Music Practise at Home

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  I believe that the regular use of backing tracks increases the chances of success and enjoyment for all music students across a wide variety of instruments. These tracks are supplied with modern tuition books and can be used both in music lessons and during practise...

Guitar or Uklulele? Which one should I choose for my young child?

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  Is it better for my child to learn to play the ukulele first and then move on to the guitar when he is older and bigger? It is a very good question. Thanks for asking. As it happens the ukulele is a complete instrument in its own right. It has its own unique set of 4...

How Music Lessons Support Sports Activities: what’s the link?

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Growing up in a busy household of five children, I still don’t know how my mother managed to taxi me from sports ground to music lessons but I do know that she did…and that she was there with me for most of these activities. This one factor…that my mother was...

A deeper look at Music for Little Mozarts: who really benefits?

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There’s nothing like a strong family bond. Making music together really seals the deal when it comes to enjoying family moments. The Music for Little Mozarts piano program creates many moments when you, as a parent, can sit down on the piano stool with your child and really...