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Learning Tips and Benefits

4 Easy steps to reading and writing music : learn in one minute!

Music Matters 2-Octave-G-Major-Scale
Start reading music today: yes, you can do it! Understand how to write and read music with 4 easy steps Have you got a minute? One minute is all it takes to learn how to draw a Treble Clef. This underrated little sign is the key to unlocking your music reading future. The Treble...

Top Things to check while purchasing guitars for kids

Music Matters teacher Tim Dashiell
Top Things to check while purchasing guitars for kids: content credit to Guitars4u…many thanks. by Guitars4u | Jan 6, 2020 | Kids Guitar Your first guitar doesn’t have to be your best guitar, but it’s really the most important as this is what you will use to begin with. It...

Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands a real hit!

Piano Keyboard feature image Music Matters
Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands a real hit! Join a band with no previous musical experience! What if there was a music program that invited you to start playing in a band straight away instead of having to do years of private lesson to reach “band status”? What if that...

Kids Will Practise for Band Performances!

Feature image Music Matters Band
Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands (SCKGB) A new band for kids of all ages…that actually motivates them to practise! Learn music by playing in a band. No experience needed. Just enrol by phone and then start! Have you always wanted to play in a band but thought you were not good...

Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands Self Motivated Practise

Tim shares Blues Progressions with Daniel and Lucas at Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands lesson
Get your kids practising music at home. Why waste another day in arguments over music practise? Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands classes get your kids playing the songs they love to hear and sing right away….and they want to practise at home too! You get to be a part of the...

At last! A Band for Beginners: a new way to learn music

Music Matters Sunshine Coast Kids Gig bands
A Band for Beginners: Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands Have fun with your friends playing the music love A great social way to learn to play guitar, keyboard, drums and vocals Could this be a part of the future of music lessons? Many families are asking for change and they are...

Prepare for the June 13th Musical Celebration: 3 Easy Quick Tips for performance preparation.

Music Matters Cooper Heit June 2017 (8)
Its never too late to prepare for a performance. Your child may have put off practising until now…I know I did as a child. There’s nothing like the last minute jitters to get you going! At last you intend to iron out those long standing mistakes that have been...

The Value of Band: more than just music

Feature image Music Matters Band
  Where can you find a music program that provides not only music but added value? Daniel, Michael and Lucas are brothers learning music together with Cooper and Bella every Friday. This family centred band program delivers much more than music. Tim Dashiell leads the band...

Parents’ Top 6 Questions About Music Lessons

Music Matters at The School Locker Maroochydore
What do parent’s most want to know about music lessons? I’ve been researching practical information about how and when children should start formal music lessons along with other relevant and important questions. With so many families enrolling year after year in...

We Will Rock You by Queen

Guitar player Music Matters
Want to play “We Will Rock You” by Queen at Music Matters? Written by Brian May and recorded by Queen in 1977 this awesome song was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2009. Who would have thought that a lot of stomping and clapping would be so popular? It is...