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3 Compelling Reasons to Learn a Second Instrument

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Congratulations! You have reached out to learn a new instrument. The benefits of learning music are well-researched. When you learn a second or third instrument you are benefiting all over again from the stimulation involved in tackling a new learning process. 1* Learning to play...

Which Christmas Gift: Guitar or Keyboard?

Piano Keyboard feature image Music Matters
Give the Gift of Music this Christmas You have decided to buy the child in your family a musical instrument for Christmas. Congratulations for giving the gift that just keeps right on giving with a first FREE lesson. However there are so many choices for instruments and you want...

Which Digital Piano Should I Buy?

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You’ve just booked yourself or a family member in for piano lessons. Your search for a value-for-money digital piano that is also a good looking furniture piece has begun. Hundreds of Digital Piano reviews are just a click away. But where do you start? To save time and...

Which keyboard should I buy my child?

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Which keyboard should I buy my child? We don’t have room for a regular piano but which electronic keyboard should we buy? Do you have a young child who has shown interest in piano lessons? You may be wondering which keyboard is the best quality and value for money. I am...

What’s in a Nursery Rhyme Song? 4 Benefits of learning traditional songs

Twinkle Star
Nursery Rhyme Songs bring special benefits to young children. Traditional Songs become that way because of they are valued over time. As young children we have all learnt nursery rhyme songs and raps. There are many good reasons to continue this tradition and teach our children...

Basic Hand Puppets Help Kids Learn Music

Kids love puppets. Puppets talk, walk, dance, sing, do the jig and whisper in your ear. All pre-instrumental activities begin with learning which hand is right and which hand is left. We may presume all children know this by the age of 5 but many struggle with the concept well in...

4 Easy steps to reading and writing music : learn in one minute!

Music Matters 2-Octave-G-Major-Scale
Start reading music today: yes, you can do it! Understand how to write and read music with 4 easy steps Have you got a minute? One minute is all it takes to learn how to draw a Treble Clef. This underrated little sign is the key to unlocking your music reading future. The Treble...

Top Things to check while purchasing guitars for kids

Music Matters teacher Tim Dashiell
Top Things to check while purchasing guitars for kids: content credit to Guitars4u…many thanks. by Guitars4u | Jan 6, 2020 | Kids Guitar Your first guitar doesn’t have to be your best guitar, but it’s really the most important as this is what you will use to begin with. It...

Song Writing Workshop

Tim shares Blues Progressions with Daniel and Lucas at Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands lesson
  Song Writing Workshop with Tim Dasheill Have you ever wanted to write your own songs? Can’t think of how to start or what words to use? Ever wondered how famous singers come up with successful songs? Solve the mystery of song writing once and for all. Learn the writing...

Pre-school Piano and Rhythm Workshop

Music Matters Music for Little Mozarts
Pre-school Piano and Rhythm Workshop Give your child a head start for their first year of school. Fun, social, pre-school music workshops support general education. Share Early Learning Music techniques that can be used for the whole year. Don’t miss an opportunity to give your...