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7 Apps to Support Music Practise and Holiday Fun

MusicMatters Michael plays guitar
The holidays have started and so has the fun. At last a moment to put your feet up and relax. The kids are outside playing happily…or are they? When you are looking for a quiet moment to yourself you can relax and know that these music support apps are building music skills...

Puppet greetings

Music Matters 2 Happy Face Puppets on sticks - CROPPED for feature image
Growing up with puppets is fun, fun, fun. Puppets know how to say hi and goodbye. In fact puppets have perfect communication manners all the time! Have you ever wondered how children know what to say? When my grandson, aged 4, eye-balled his new Kindy teacher and said,...

Music Matters Musical Celebration 14th June 2018

Music Matters keyboard
Music Matters families and friends are invited to The School Locker from 4.00pm to 5.00pm to join our mid-year concert which we refer to as our Musical Celebration. Our students have been working hard not only on their performance pieces but also on perfecting their Cup Tapping...

3 ways to enjoy Hand Bell rhythm fun with your preschooler

  Hand Bells are an attractive and meaningful addition to your pre-schooler’s percussion box. Here are three simple ways to increase your child’s visual, aural and spacial awareness while preparing him for “real” instrumental lessons. Buy the best set...

3 Tips to successfully learning music as an adult

Enjoy the process As we get older we realise how quickly time passes. Choose to learn an instrument for the sheer enjoyment of it. Too much pressure on “getting it just right” or a long term plan to “play for others” might take away some of your own...

Cup Tapping Fun at home

Cup Tapping Music Matters
Do you have a birthday party coming up and are looking for a simple fun activity for children of all ages? The Cup Rhythm Game makes tapping out simple rhythms a great way to entertain and amuse party guests. Below is a simple version of this game I regularly use in music...

Extension Activity Snowman, Snowman what do you see?

Music Matters for thinkers
Extending your child’s imagination opens pathways for him to start thinking independently. The “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you hear”? activity from the blog can be extended by using any animal or thing. Play “Snowman, Snowman, what do you see?”...

Musical Celebration November 17 2016

Music Matters Musical Celebration
Pockets is set to entertain again at Music Matters end of year Musical Celebration. All students are invited to prepare a piece of music from their past year’s study to share at this special concert with a difference.  The program includes percussion instruments, songs for...

Four reasons that music counts

Colours of four Early Learning Music
Can you count to four? Can you keep a steady beat or do you feel you have “no musical bone in your body?” Music really counts…here’s why. Counting is a basic life skill that everyone needs. Your child of any age benefits from counting practice. In music we...

Marching wakes up each side of the brain

Early Learning Music marching
The Grand Old Duke of York marched his men up the hill and down again because he knew it was GOOD for them. Your toddler learning to march swings his arms up high. His little knees are lifted higher than in walking. Purposefully creating extravagant movements takes more brain...