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A Quick, Engaging Song For Your Restless Pre-schooler

Kids music
Looking for a quick, engaging song for “that moment”? Got a bored, tired or restless pre-schooler? Kids can’t resist a song about their name Name songs are kids favourite! Read on to find out why. “What’s your name?” This personal question...

Basic Hand Puppets Help Kids Learn Music

Kids love puppets. Puppets talk, walk, dance, sing, do the jig and whisper in your ear. All pre-instrumental activities begin with learning which hand is right and which hand is left. We may presume all children know this by the age of 5 but many struggle with the concept well in...

Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands a real hit!

Piano Keyboard feature image Music Matters
Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands a real hit! Join a band with no previous musical experience! What if there was a music program that invited you to start playing in a band straight away instead of having to do years of private lesson to reach “band status”? What if that...

Where are Music Matters lessons held?

Music Matters keyboard
  Where do you teach drums, guitar and keyboard? Music Matters lessons are held at The School Locker in the Home Maker Centre at 11/55 Maroochy Blvd. Maroochydore. What is the newest music program at Music Matters? Our newest music program, the Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands...

Music Matters new Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands: what’s it all about?

Feature image Music Matters Band
      Kids have fun learning Drums, Guitar, Keyboard and Vocals in a Gig Band. Kids Gig Bands classes are held after school at The School Locker store in Maroochydore with qualified teachers. Keeping a steady beat is crucial to all music lessons. We believe that...

Drum Lessons Sunshine Coast

Electronic Drum Set at The School Locker with Music Matters
Want Drum Lessons on the Sunshine Coast? You will find easy ways to learn music when you join one of our Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands. From your very first lessons you are surrounded with enthusiastic people who share your vision of playing in a band. Learn Guitar, Drums,...

Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands

Digital Drum Kit Music Matters
Play in a band now! Have you ever thought it was possible to learn music by playing in a band? Don’t waste another second in frustration, waiting to be “good enough” to join a band. You actually don’t have to read traditional music notation before joining a band...

Activities for Kids

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20 ingenious ways to keep your kids entertained all day long. Awesome! Can’t wait to check that one out…in a minute. After kindly reading my very important educational blog ::)) below about musical activities to keep kids happy during the holidays grab a cuppa and...

Piano Man anyone? Choose the Best Piano Teacher for Your Adult Lessons

Music Matters Keyboard Picture June 2017
Piano Man: a good beginning for your first adult piano lesson. I love meeting people who enjoy playing the piano whether they are children or adults. There’s just something about hearing yourself create lovely sounds that leaves you with a good feeling. Want to play...

A quick, easy music practise trick! and a bonus video!

Music Matters You get to join in the Giant Cup Tapping Circle
Looking to motivate some music practise at home today?   Why not use the simplest method of all? Kids like to jam, right? What better way to get them pumping out their songs than to give them a full backing track?               Here’s...