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Teach Baby Music: An easy way to increase your baby’s attention span

George eyes only Early Learning Music
Layering information for your baby means to use more than one sense at a time to engage baby’s attention. Let’s join George as his mum, Heidi, uses layering information to improve his attention span. She layers “looking” with “chatting” to help...

Teach Baby music: Babies can learn something new every day.

Early Learning Music
Ruth Hamilton was born in 1898 and died in 2008. Over her long life she was a teacher, wife, mother, business woman, radio talk-show host, legislator and world traveller. Ruth’s acvice: “No matter what your age, keep learning. Put this motto on your mirror so that...

Teach Baby Music: the importance of “layering information”.

George: “Hey, Mum, thanks for this cool, colourful play mobile. It is keeping me amused and entertained. I can see the pretty colours and different shapes. I can’t take my eyes off the moving objects.” George goes on. “When you scrunch up the...

Teach Baby Music: When does baby start?

Geroge and Heidi Early Learning Music
“Hi Mum! Its great to see you. Are you blowing bubbles at me? I love it when you do that. I am trying to copy you but I don’t think its working just yet. Oh well, I’ll keep trying and soon I’ll be blowing bubbles back to you.” You already know the...

Teach Baby Music: can new born George really hear well enough to learn?

Baby George one day old Early Learning Music eBook
Good Morning! My name is George. What a lovely day! I just arrived yesterday and I am already wide awake and ready for action. Yes, I know I can’t see you very clearly, but don’t worry…in a few short weeks I’ll be able to recognise all the wonderful faces...

Spring into Step: why movement is crucial to learning

Early Learning Music and movement
Asking your toddler to sit still is like asking the sun to stop shining. Moving when learning is crucial. It is impossible for the sun to stop shining and likewise for your toddler to keep still…and there is a good reason. Its as natural for toddlers to move as it is for...

When do you Sing a Ball? When baby plays with it…following your child

Small balls for ball play ay Early Learning Music
SING A BALL               Tune (Open Shut Them) Notice what baby or toddler is doing with the ball. Name the movement or action for baby then place it in the song. Take your cue from baby. Build on what baby is currently doing and then add to it to stretch baby’s creativity and...

When is the best time for a Lap Rap? Anytime!

ANYTIME LAP RAP RHYMES are the answer to creatively involving, distracting, soothing, rocking, stimulating or simply having fun with baby. Perfect for accompaniment by percussion instruments the whole family can join in. Don’t wait for the right RAP time…just go ahead...

What can little Ducks do?

Early Learning Music
Clever Little Duck is learning to use his voice, his wings and his feet. Copy Little Duck (right click: save as) to a publisher or word program. You can stretch Little Duck to what ever shape and size you wish. This is handy when you want to have Five Little Ducks and a Mother...

Tommy Thumbs Up: finger play

Early Learning Music
Tommy Thumbs Up and Tommy Thumbs down Tommy Thumbs dancing all around the town Dancing on your shoulders, dancing on your knees, Dancing on your head, then tuck them into bed (under your arms).