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Choosing Between After School Activities: Focusing on the Long Term Benefits

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“Simon has not practised music this week because we have been too busy. He has swimming lessons on Mondays at 4.00pm, dance on Wednesdays at 3.30pm and Gym on Fridays at 5.00pm. He is very tired by the end of the week.”   If this sounds familiar, you are not...

Origami Spring Butterflies for your Preschooler

Music Matters Butterfly for Feature photo blog
What do Butterflies, Spring and Origami have in common? Together they make a delightful Musical Craft activity for your child.     Why not find some pretty square paper and celebrate the beginning of Spring with your active preschooler? Print out this origami butterfly...

Use Backing Tracks to Fast Forward Music Practise at Home

Music for Little Mozarts Music Matters
  I believe that the regular use of backing tracks increases the chances of success and enjoyment for all music students across a wide variety of instruments. These tracks are supplied with modern tuition books and can be used both in music lessons and during practise...

Guitar or Uklulele? Which one should I choose for my young child?

Music Matters Coloured Ukuleles
  Is it better for my child to learn to play the ukulele first and then move on to the guitar when he is older and bigger? It is a very good question. Thanks for asking. As it happens the ukulele is a complete instrument in its own right. It has its own unique set of 4...

How Music Lessons Support Sports Activities: what’s the link?

Music Matters sports featured image for eBook practise
Growing up in a busy household of five children, I still don’t know how my mother managed to taxi me from sports ground to music lessons but I do know that she did…and that she was there with me for most of these activities. This one factor…that my mother was...

A deeper look at Music for Little Mozarts: who really benefits?

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There’s nothing like a strong family bond. Making music together really seals the deal when it comes to enjoying family moments. The Music for Little Mozarts piano program creates many moments when you, as a parent, can sit down on the piano stool with your child and really...

 Your Child Prefers to Play with Friends than do Music Practise…right? Me Too!

Music for Little Mozarts Music Matters
  Sounds like your child is quite normal. Who wants to sit alone when you can be out playing soccer or getting a few more points on your favourite app game? Kids love group games and so do I. Cup Tapping is the perfect answer to keep your kids motivated with rhythm and have...

Stir Your Child’s Imagination with Music

Music for Little Mozarts stuffed animals at Music Matters
  The Music for Little Mozarts piano program explores the imagination. Your child, even at the early age of 4 or 5 years can learn how the musical alphabet strings together, memorise simple patterns and sing a long at the same time. Discovering repeating patterns in written...

Want To Build Your Young Child’s Confidence?

Music Matters Dylan as Feature photo BLOG
  The Music for Little Mozart piano program is written especially for ages 4 to 7. The music, CD backing tracks, Theory and Lesson Books are geared to make learning a success. The little songs are appealing and short. Each song has a musical meaning and introduces basic but...

Winter Words for Warming Your Young Willing Thinkers

Winter comes to Early Learning Music class
Pre-schoolers love playing with letters. Take advantage of their curiosity and make a unique learning game that you can play over and over in the cold winter months. Search for the word “COLD” in clip art and print out a copy that is not copy protected or make your...