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Bring a Buddy to Music Lesson

Music Matters Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands
Don’t miss “Bring a Buddy” Week at Music Matters and get 10% off enrolments. Join the fun and bring your family along as well. Don’t have a friend already enjoying the benefits of music lessons? Don’t worry, we have you covered: you won’t miss...

Easy Piano Finger Patterns: the key to success

Piano Keyboard feature image Music Matters
  Simplicity is key. Even the most complicated music progression can be broken down into simple, easy to learn steps. Here Daniel, Lucas and Cooper say the “Steps” and “Skips” of the first bar of “Flaca”, by Andres Calamaro. They are...

Weekend Music Matters

Music Matters Peace, Love and Icecream feature picture
Some weekends are just unforgettable!  Coffee followed by ice cream, salt and pepper squid, followed by coffee followed by ice cream!  Eumundi Markets and Hastings Street Noosa.  … and Slothy for youngest grandson, Toby.  

“What did you do on the weekend?”

Music Matters What did you do on the weekend 2
Every Monday its catch up time at Music Matters. Eva askes me “What did you do on the weekend?” “I had a very exciting weekend, thanks Eva. My daughter, Heidi Wright and her family were visiting from Adelaide to enjoy the sunny Sunshine Coast.     It...

Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands perform in the shopping mall after just one semester of lessons together!

Music Matters Sunshine Coast Kids Gig bands
Well done to Michael, Bella, Cooper, Daniel, Lucas and teacher Tim! A great social and fun way to learn music!

Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands a real hit!

Piano Keyboard feature image Music Matters
Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands a real hit! Join a band with no previous musical experience! What if there was a music program that invited you to start playing in a band straight away instead of having to do years of private lesson to reach “band status”? What if that...

Kids Will Practise for Band Performances!

Feature image Music Matters Band
Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands (SCKGB) A new band for kids of all ages…that actually motivates them to practise! Learn music by playing in a band. No experience needed. Just enrol by phone and then start! Have you always wanted to play in a band but thought you were not good...

Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands Self Motivated Practise

Tim shares Blues Progressions with Daniel and Lucas at Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands lesson
Get your kids practising music at home. Why waste another day in arguments over music practise? Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands classes get your kids playing the songs they love to hear and sing right away….and they want to practise at home too! You get to be a part of the...

Backing Tracks: can you slow them down?

Plug in and Play Music Matters
Playing in a band is fun: but don’t you need years of music reading experience and practise to join one? Learning band songs has never been so easy: simply plug and play! With easy access to BACKING TRACKS kids can get together and play many popular songs together in a...

7 Music Apps That Kids Love

Blobs Chorus Music Matters
Kids love apps and kids love music. Apps and music together give kids that winning combination of feel good education. Do your kids want to get on the internet? Do you feel a little guilty when you give in and say “OK, but only for a short time?” Well here’s a...