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At last! A Band for Beginners: a new way to learn music

May 09, 2019

A Band for Beginners: Sunshine Coast Kids Gig Bands

Have fun with your friends playing the music love

A great social way to learn to play guitar, keyboard, drums and vocals

 Music Matters Sunshine Coast Kids Gig bands

Music Matters Sunshine Coast Kids Gig bands

Could this be a part of the future of music lessons?

Many families are asking for change and they are willing to work for it.

Learn the music you love by joining a Gig Band.

Play the music you love. No Experience required. Learn to play guitar, drums, keyboard and vocals with regular performance opportunities. What a great social way to learn music.



Daniel and Michael: “This band rocks!”
Mum Mabel: “The boys are really benefiting from the band and I love seeing them enjoying themselves.”
Mum Gina: “Cooper really loves learning keyboard and drums in the gig band.”
Teacher Tim: “The Gig Bands program is a really smart and fun way for beginners to learn together. Everyone loves it!”

Heather, Music Matters owner: “What a great invention Gig Bands are! Everyone gets to hear the modern music we all love. The kids are happy to play and happy to practise. Parents are involved, keen and supportive. Teachers are having fun at leach lesson. Kids get to learn a variety of instruments instead of being locked into one and then discovering they don’t want to play it after a year or two. Lessons are of great educational value and affordable.”

Call Heather today to enrol in this family centered music experience. 0418 563 226



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