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A quick, easy music practise trick! and a bonus video!

December 01, 2018

Looking to motivate some music practise at home today?

Music Matters Angelique gets to share her favourite song with the other students

Music Matters Angelique loves to play “My Pony” with her backing tracks, but plays “The Mythical Unicorn” all on her own.


Why not use the simplest method of all? Kids like to jam, right?

What better way to get them pumping out their songs than to give them a full backing track?








Here’s how it is done:

1. You: ” Hey, Heston, I’d love to take a video of you to send to your Grandma.”

Heston: “Sure”

Heston loving Music for Little Mozarts with Music Matters

Heston getting ready to play with the CD at the Music Matters Musical Celebration.










2. You: “Let’s find the CD (or backing track) that goes with your favourite piece.”

Heston: “Here it is, Mum”

Music for Little Mozarts Books and CDs Music Matters

Music for Little Mozarts Books and CDs









3. You:  “Run through the pieces a few times and we can start with the video.”

Heston: “Sure”

4. You: “I’ll press start for you on the CD and film you while you play. We might even be able to put it on YouTube!”

Heston: “Awesome!”

Give your child a few minutes to practise, take a video of their “performance”, send it to Grandma, upload it to your own personal You tube channel (not public unless you want to) and wait for the reply from Grandma!

I promise you will have a very happy Grandma and a very happy kid! You might be happy too :)
Most music tuition books come with either a CD or a digital download of the backing tracks for each song in the book. If your child doesn’t have backing tracks then contact me and I will do my best to find some for you.

Can you spot Heston below?

Hint: look for the happy kid in a black T shirt sitting third on my right side. I am in the middle in pink and white. This is our Giant Cup Tapping Circle (GCTC) filmed on November 15th 2018 at The School Locker, Maroochydore where we have all our lessons. Book now for lessons in 2019 and join our biggest circle yet at the next Musical Celebration!

Call me, Heather Nel, now on  0418 563 226.


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