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7 Music Apps That Kids Love

May 30, 2019

Kids love apps and kids love music.

Apps and music together give kids that winning combination of feel good education.

Do your kids want to get on the internet? Do you feel a little guilty when you give in and say “OK, but only for a short time?” Well here’s a list of 7 apps that you can share with your kids…no guilt attached!

The winning combination of education mixed with listening to music will not only keep kids amused and engaged, but they will benefit from the “feel good” hormones that music creates in their brains. For decades, well before the internet was invented, the benefits of learning music have been well known. In our modern techno world it is easier than ever to introduce kids to the world of music.

Try some of these apps at home and expect a great response from your kids.

Music Matters FourChords Guitar Song Book Music Matters

FourChords: kids can strum and sing along to their favourite songs. Words and chords are displayed with midi backing tracks. This is primarily for guitar.



Blobs Chorus Music Matters

Blob Chorus: this cute app gets kids listening intently to see which blob is singing the same note as the king. A great ear training app. Training the ear in music lesson is just one of the ways music benefits general education. Kids learn to focus and stay focussed.

Octavian: Scales and chords contain the basic building blocks of every piece of music ever written. In this app, kids get to see how music fits together. Great for visual learners. Has an interactive keyboard.

Staff Wars: how exciting to fight for the right to play. Kids love the speed challenge they face by choosing the correct note. But look out, the better you get, the faster the game goes!

Joy Tunes App Music Matters

Joy Tunes App

Joy Tunes Piano Maestro: Notation based piano app which is regularly updated with new and popular songs. Interactive game with light up keys. Kids learn to read notes faster.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs: Apps like this well known guitar site help kids learn guitar chord structures, strumming patterns and much more.

GarageBand: There’s no end of fun making up your own drum beats. Just do it. Available on IOS (mobile devices only) The Android version of this is called “Walk Band”.


So, grab a well deserved cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy relaxing while your kids have fun on these apps!


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