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7 Apps to Support Music Practise and Holiday Fun

July 02, 2018
Daniel plays at the Music Matters Celebration June 2018

Well done Daniel!

The holidays have started and so has the fun. At last a moment to put your feet up and relax. The kids are outside playing happily…or are they?

When you are looking for a quiet moment to yourself you can relax and know that these music support apps are building music skills across a wide area of aptitude. Not only are your kids occupied, but they are improving their music theory, guitar, piano or drums skills and having fun at the same time.

But which music app is best for my child?

There is a wide range of apps available for children. Here are a few that will see you right over the holidays. Have a chat to me if you would like some more choices.

Have fun with these apps and let me know which ones are your favourite!

Piano Maestro


Flashnote Derby

Rhythm Lab

Note Rush


Read Ahead

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