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4 Easy steps to reading and writing music : learn in one minute!

May 05, 2020

Start reading music today: yes, you can do it!

Understand how to write and read music with 4 easy steps

Have you got a minute? One minute is all it takes to learn how to draw a Treble Clef. This underrated little sign is the key to unlocking your music reading future. The Treble Clef is actually a fancy letter G. It shows us that we have to write the G letter bang smack on the second line, just like the Treble or G clef is written.

STEP 1: watch this one minute video

STEP 2: Draw your own set of five lines on a blank piece of paper and draw a treble clef on the far left.

Music Matters Treble Clef with note G

STEP 3: Draw a circle just like the one above on the same line as the Treble or G clef, This becomes the G note. The G note is always on the second line in the treble staff  (5 lines)

STEP 4:  Draw another G on the middle of your staff and then keep drawing notes in every space and on every line going up the page and name them ABCDEF and G. This is going up the alphabet.

Keep drawing notes in every space and on every line going down the page before your G note and name them FEDCBAG. This is going down the alphabet. Your page should look something like this: just ignore the # sign for now.

Music Matters 2-Octave-G-Major-Scale

                       G           A            B           C          D           E           F           G           A            B            C            D          E           F          G

As the letter names go up, the sound of the music goes up. As the letter names go backwards, the music sound goes down. Music reading and writing is very logical. UP and DOWN, just like a song!

To go to the next level, call me, Heather, today on 0418 563 226 to book your free lesson. Start to learn how to easily transfer music reading information to your instrument.











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