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3 Surprising Benefits of Online Music Lessons

3 Surprising Benefits of Online Music Lessons

Our new way of learning brings out the best in teachers and students.

Swapping to online music lessons because of COVID 19 is easy.

Eva and I are still together but we hear and see each other in a different way.

Music Matters face to face piano lesson

Online piano lesson

Here I am, in the corner! Eva has a good laugh. Its just like we are in the same room as each other.

There are three main benefits of moving to online lessons.

1. Teachers must quickly discover new ways to communicate with students, for instance less talking and more listening. Ask quality questions and allow students time to think through the answers and make self-discoveries. This benefits their self directed learning for all subjects and supports their general education. It is all to easy to give the student the answer or give too many physical directions in a face to face class.

2. Students must think in a deeper, more concentrated manner. They must focus on the teacher’s quality questions and give appropriate answers. Students will quickly realise that they are more responsible for the successful outcome of the lesson than they previously were in face to face lessons. This means they have to listen more intently to their own playing and really start to analyse their finger positions for each section of a piece. No more pointing from the teacher!

3. Family members are more involved. A parent or other adult are more likely to be present with the student in an online lesson. Adults help to set up the IT hardware and software, stay with the student, if under 8 years of age, and often take notes during or after the lesson. Although 90% of current Music Matters students have a parent present at a face to face lesson, 100% of parents are within ear shot of the lesson if it is given in their home. This is of enormous benefit physically and psychologically to the student.

Book now for your first Online Music Lesson. Call Heather today to enrol for a FREE online lesson. If you are stuck at home for self-isolation or just doing the right thing, my free lesson to you is a way of saying “thank you” for your efforts. Call me on 0418 563 226.


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