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3 Compelling Reasons to Learn a Second Instrument

March 06, 2021

Congratulations! You have reached out to learn a new instrument.

The benefits of learning music are well-researched. When you learn a second or third instrument you are benefiting all over again from the stimulation involved in tackling a new learning process.

Annette and Heather share a laugh at music lesson with Music Matters

Annette and Heather share a laugh at music lesson with Music Matters

1* Learning to play a second instrument brings all the challenges and excitement you experienced when learning your primary instrument but with much more delight. You benefit from all the well-documented brain stimulation that learning an instrument happily provides. Your fingers get to move in different ways, keeping them fit, healthy and well coordinated. Your general health improves as you spend more time doing what you love…playing music.


Music Matters Connor and Dad perform together

Music Matters Connor and Dad perform together

2** Your favourite songs get a fresh sound. This important benefit because we can becoming complacent and repetitive with our music. You can layer your new instrument with your current one. I used this technique to help me learn to play wind instruments. I would record the piano accompaniment and then play the simple beginner flute pieces to my own accompaniment…it is a lot of fun, believe me!

Enjoying guitar with music Matters

Enjoying guitar at our concert with music Matters

3*** You widen your social group. Playing the piano can be a lonely experience. Pick up a flute, clarinet or sax and you open a new world of ensemble possibilities and personalities. If you are a wind instrument player, learning piano brings a pile of benefits of its own.

When should you start? Today is the best day to start enquiring about learning a new instrument. Whether you need formal lessons, on-line lessons or simply a chat about which instrument to choose, call me today and I’ll be happy to help you. 0418 563 226

Music Matters offers fun, adult lessons in beginner flute, clarinet, drums, guitar and piano.

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