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July 22, 2016

Rhythm Matters: learning to read complex rhythms at an early stage in music lessons

Music Matters rhythm
What fun! Sitting in a circle with Mum or Dad, tapping out the basic rhythm of 1,2,3,4. Lets put on a favourite CD and choose some percussion instruments to play along with. It sounds all too easy…but it is really? When music lessons begin rhythms are quite simple as we...

Musical Memory Matching Game

Music Matters percussion fun
Pre-schoolers love to match things up. Where does the glove go? On my hand…of course! This Musical Memory Matching game takes things to the next level. It is suitable for the 3-4 year age group but is lots of fun for older children as it really gets them thinking and...

Four reasons that music counts

Colours of four Early Learning Music
Can you count to four? Can you keep a steady beat or do you feel you have “no musical bone in your body?” Music really counts…here’s why. Counting is a basic life skill that everyone needs. Your child of any age benefits from counting practice. In music we...