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Relaxing, Mindful Music Lessons

Early Learning Music

Designed to assist you in learning how to share singing, dancing, playing percussion and other musical activities with your child, no matter what your musical ability.
For ages birth to 6 years
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Instrumental Lessons

Students have the opportunity to play drums at any instrumental lesson. I believe that learning to keep a regular beat by using percussion and drumming techniques makes playing more fun. Even woodwind, guitar and piano students use drumming techniques in class to learn about rhythm.
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Kids Gig Bands

Learn guitar, keyboard, drums and vocals while playing in the Kids Gig Bands. Your kids will pick up their guitar, keyboard or drums and practise for their next live Gig without being asked. 
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Music for Little Mozarts

A course designed for pre-school aged children that provides a comprehensive approach to musical learning, using a piano over a 2 year period.
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Music Matters

Mindful Music Lessons means more time learning. More fun, more value, more retention of information.
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  • Do you offer online lessons

    Yes, your first online lesson is FREE so call today to enrol.
  • How much do lessons cost? Do you give a discount for a referral?

    Private lessons are $36 for half hour over a 10 week public school term. Yes, receive a $10 discount for your next lesson and your friend's lesson when you refer them to Music Matters.
  • What times are you open?

    Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm. Call me today to select a lesson time that suits you.
  • What is your teaching policy?

    If teachers miss a lesson it will be made up by an extra lesson or credit to the next term. If students miss a lesson we are willing to make it up but cannot always promise to do so. All lessons are payable.
  • I have never played music before, am I too old to start?

    You benefit from lessons starting at any age as learning music helps in many ways both physical and cognitive.
  • Do I need my own instrument?

    Yes, practising at home in between lessons is important if you want to improve and progress. Download our FREE eBook "A Parent's Guide to Beating the Practise Blues" for 4 awesome ways to keeping the practise momentum flowing.
  • Do I need a piano or will an electronic keyboard be ok?

    Great question. An electronic keyboard of 5-8 octaves is fine to practise on at home. For more information about the difference between pianos and keyboards Read more here
  • Do you offer trial classes or free lessons?

    Certainly! I offer a free 15-20 minute lesson where I can show you the style of teaching we use and the tuition books available. We can then chat about the student's goals, needs, preferences and the teaching curriculum. Any questions can be answered and the lesson attendance policy discussed.  Call me now to book your free lesson.
  • What do I bring to my first lesson?

    Just yourself and your instrument if you are not learning piano. In our first lesson together we get down to basics right away, so you can go home and practise your new skills.
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Eva is taking lessons in guitar and piano by Facetime because of the COVID-19 situation.
You have made a great educational choice for your entire family. Now it is time to get the best value out of your important investment. Music Matters lessons are packed with added benefits: our easy-going, fun filled approach to learning means students relax and learn faster. Research shows that students learn faster and engage better in a relaxed learning environment.

“Teachers can do much to create a temporary state of Relaxed Alertness by helping students experience a momentary sense of success, but ultimately, we are after something more. The ultimate goal must be to help students be in a state of Relaxed Alertness as a way of life.”  https://tomprof.stanford.edu/posting/1508

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